New Patients

You’re our reason to smile

New Patients

At Limelight Dental, Dr. Arun Narang BSc, DDS, our resident cosmetic dentist and his expert associates have one goal, and that is to give the residents of Mississauga more reasons to smile, knowing that they’re in the best possible oral health.

Our team of friendly, professional staff always welcomes new patients with open arms to our comfortable practice. Trust our team with your dental health and you will be rewarded with more confidence, knowing that you have made the right choice.

Our services include:

General and family dental care

Cosmetic dentistry

Restorative dentistry

Laser dentistry


At Limelight Dental, you can expect high-quality care from a dental team you can trust. Every important relationship starts with trust, which is why we only employ the most qualified, experienced people as part of our dental team. We are committed to providing exceptional quality care at every stage of your treatment, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and perfectly sterilized regularly serviced equipment.

We’re here to help you create a smile you can be proud of. Simply relax in our inviting, comfortable facility.

We offer free cosmetic, implant and orthodontic consultations so that you can be guided toward the best dental course for you. Simply call 905-897-1166 or 905-949-2220 now to schedule an appointment.

What to expect during your first visit to Limelight Dental

Your first visit to Limelight Dental is your most important appointment. Of course, it can be slightly intimidating, especially if you or your child has had bad experiences in the past. But rest assured that your first appointment (at least) will be painless and simple.

When you visit our practice for the first time, we have to complete a few steps to get to know you and understand your requirements. Being well-prepared for your appointment ensures that your dentist or orthodontist has all the necessary information to provide you with the best possible care, and that should relieve any anxiety you’re feeling.

When you arrive at our practice, our  friendly reception team will welcome you to Limelight Dental. Next, our highly-trained orthodontic coordinator will assign your case to an orthotist and take digital photos of your teeth and mouth. We typically use cephalometric and panoramic x-rays to get the clearest view of your facial soft tissue, jaws and teeth. We will review your dental history in detail to understand the details of your case, which is necessary to provide you with the best possible dental care.

Once our orthodontists have reviewed your records, you will be taken to the consulting room for your routine procedure, or to discuss your unique treatment plan.

Dr. Narang or his associates will advise you of any reasons for concern, and what types of methods can be employed to give you the perfect smile. They will also show you photos so that you can see what to expect.

At Limelight Dental, we take all the time needed to answer your questions and to give you peace of mind, especially when it comes to choosing treatments. Once you are satisfied with all the answers we have provided, we could possibly start your treatment on the same day to make the most of your visit to Limelight Dental.

Limelight Dental: Orthodontics Department

If you require orthodontics treatment, we will see more of each other than just a single visit. We value the relationship we have built with you as well as you love. We will continue to build these relationships through mutual trust and our commitment to providing you with the best orthodontics care available.


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