Dental Extractions

If you have to have a tooth extracted, you can rely on Limelight Dental to perform your extraction in the most pain-free, hygienic way possible. Although we at Limelight Dental do our best to help maintain your natural teeth, there are times when unwanted teeth and roots have to be removed. Sometimes, dental extractions provide better outcomes.
Possible causes for a dental extraction include when the outcome of dental work is compromised or made uncertain due to:
We offer both in-surgery extractions under sedation, or in some cases, we perform dental extractions under general anesthesia in the hospital.
Dental extractions take place in our comfortable, clean dental surgery, and we use the traditional wiggle and pull method of extraction, or the more modern surgical approach, known as wiggly-waggly.
The surgical approach involves exposing the tooth by moving the gum away. In some cases, the tooth has to be broken into two or more sections, using a drill to facilitate easy extraction. The dentist will then force a flat instrument between the gum and the tooth, and it is wiggled loose. This method is most beneficial if the extraction is part of the preparation for a dental implant, as it minimizes bone loss.
In most cases, dissolvable or non-dissolvable dental sutures are used to seal the wound and facilitate a smooth, fast healing process.
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