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Fillings are one of the most common dental procedures in Mississauga or anywhere. It is a material that dentists put in to fill up a hole created by a cavity. The filling ensures that bacteria don’t re-enter the cavity hole and cause a new infection.
Dental Fillings in Mississauga, ON

History of Fillings

Fillings have long been used as a solution to cavities but the materials used have changed as technology and knowledge improved. Fillings were once made of silver amalgam. While they were effective in sealing the cavity hole, there were a few disadvantages to this material.

The primary disadvantage is they were highly visible. You could see how many cavities someone had when they talked or smiled because you could see the silver.
Tooth Fillings Treatment in Mississauga, ON
The other problem was the silver amalgam fillings had traces of mercury. The official position of dentists has always been that the traces were so small they didn’t present any problems for those with these fillings. However, many patients expressed concern about any amount of mercury being in their mouths.

Dentists have long stopped using these types of fillings as a regular material because of both the look of it and health concerns. There are many better options available.

Materials Used Today for Fillings

There are four types of materials used for fillings in modern dental practices.


These are resin-based fillings mixed with porcelain. They are cheap and look like natural teeth but aren't durable. Typically, they may last for five years while most fillings last for 10 years or more. For that reason, they are typically used as a temporary filling that can be placed until a permanent one is installed.


There are several variations of mixed metal fillings but the preferred is gold. They are an expensive option but offer the most durability. The downside is they are highly visible.

Ceramic or Porcelain

This is the most popular type of filling because of its look, durability, and affordability. They can last up to 10 years or more.

Glass ionomer

An acrylic material is made from a specific type of glass mixed with the acrylic. It releases fluoride to protect teeth.

Filling Placement Matters

The type of material you use can depend on where the cavity was found. Those found in the front part of the mouth will likely need a ceramic or porcelain filling because that is less noticeable. Dentists will sometimes recommend gold for the back of the mouth because that is where most of the chewing occurs and gold is the most durable of the choices. The glass ionomer is used primarily for cavities found below the gum line.

Replacing Fillings

Fillings don’t always need replacing. The standard lifespan of a filling is around 10 years but many can last longer than that. You will know when you lose a filling. You may feel it in your mouth while you are eating or hear it if you bite down on it. You could start having tooth pain as well. Don’t put off getting another filling. You don’t want to leave your tooth exposed to bacteria and another cavity.
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