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What Is Proper Dental Care for a Healthy Life

What Is Proper Dental Care for a Healthy Life?

Almost everybody fails to appreciate just what incredible value the dental industry provides for everybody in our society. In the past, dental problems were a source of an incredible amount of pain, and even death in some cases. These days, the dental market in Canada alone is worth more than $17 billion every single year! On top of that, people know […]
What Is a Snap-On Smile A Closer Look at Veneers

What Is a Snap-On Smile? A Closer Look at Veneers

Did you know that Snap-On Smile may help you enhance how your teeth look in a matter of seconds? Snap-On Smile is a long-lasting dental arch made of tooth-colored resin that fits snugly over your natural teeth to conceal gaps, missing teeth, and stains, allowing you to feel more confident and self-assured in social settings and […]
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What Happens During a Teeth Cleaning?

For some people, a trip to the dentist or hygienist can cause some anxiety. But if you know beforehand what to expect, it makes the process much easier. Teeth cleaning is a very common – and essential – service provided by all dental offices. But why does dental cleaning hurt? And what are the benefits of […]
Most Common Dental Procedures

Most Common Dental Procedures

Research shows that 9% to 15% of the population fears going to the dentist for one reason or another. Many people are unhappy with their smiles or are in pain and put off going to their dentist due to their dental anxiety. If you are one of these people, we are here to reassure you that the […]
What You Should Know About Periodontal Disease

What You Should Know About Periodontal Disease

Did you know that periodontal disease is more common than you might think? According to the Canadian Dental Association, around 11% of the population suffers from this severe form of gum disease. Of course, there’s a reason it’s sometimes called the “silent disease”: many people don’t show symptoms until the condition progresses. If you’re already worried about […]
Tooth Sensitivity After a Crown Replacement: Everything You Need to Know

Tooth Sensitivity After a Crown Replacement: Everything You Need to Know

Some of the most popular and necessary dental procedures that Canadians undergo year-after-year include dental fillings, teeth whitening, and dental crowns or veneers. All of which come with their own procedure, healing time, and level of discomfort. Whether you’ve had a root canal and need a dental crown, or just want to perfect your smile, it’s […]
Does Regular Dental Cleaning Improve Dental Health

Does Regular Dental Cleaning Improve Dental Health?

Do you have a fear of going to the dentist? Consider what may be scarier: infections and health problems. Regular dental cleaning may be terrifying, but it can help you maintain your health. Not only does regular cleaning help keep your teeth in good condition, but the effects can impact your entire body. Read on […]
What Are Tips for Getting Rid of Gingivitis

What Are Tips for Getting Rid of Gingivitis?

If your gums are red, sore, and swollen, there’s a good chance that you have gingivitis. When it comes to most diseases, the chances of completely reversing them are slim. But luckily enough, gingivitis is something you can kick completely if you keep some healthy habits. If you’re dealing with painful gums and bad breath, keep […]
Teeth Whitening

Why Is Professional Teeth Whitening Important?

You dream of whiter teeth that will light up in every picture that you take. There are various ways to whiten your teeth, from bleaches to surface whiteners, but what’s the best option for whiter teeth? In this article, join us as we dive into why professional teeth whitening is the best option, and why it’s […]

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