Top 10 Things To Do at Home To Boost Your Immune System

Top 10 Things To Do at Home To Boost Your Immune System

Everyone wants to stay healthy and one way to do that is to boost your immune system. Paying attention to your immune system has become a trending topic ever since the pandemic and implementing changes in your life now could be an important way to prevent being the victim of any further outbreaks.

There are some things you can do that are cost-effective while giving your immune system a jumpstart before cold and flu season hits. Here are 10 things to try.

  1. Take Vitamins

Doctors have been touting the effects of Vitamin C ever since it helped COVID-19 patients recover in China. Most doctors tell you to also add zinc and Vitamin D to your daily doses. The combination seems to work well to ward off illnesses.

Most people are deficient in these three vitamins and minerals anyway, especially Vitamin D. It can’t hurt to use them to give your body a boost.

  1. Pay Attention to Cleaning

Few people keep a perfect home or office but maintaining cleanliness can help keep you healthy. That means dusting regularly as well as disinfecting areas that are handled by multiple people. That would include handles on the refrigerator door, sink knobs or levers, knobs on the washing machine, and dryer and door knobs.

While you don’t need to be super clean, regular disinfecting of these areas will help keep sicknesses at bay, especially during the winter months.

  1. Eat Nutritious Meals

Meals eaten at home should be well balanced and include greens, vegetables, and fruits as well as meats and starches. Proper nutrition keeps your body in balance and gives you plenty of nutrients to fight off sickness.

Scientific studies show that broths and things like chicken soup have beneficial nutritional properties that can help when you start feeling sick.

Be sure to include foods rich in alkaline to keep your pH balance in check and don’t feel bad about eating a little more during the winter as you need some extra weight for warmth.

However, you should keep your weight in check as obesity can cause other health issues which can lower your immune system response.


  1. Use an Antibacterial Mouthwash

A lot of bacteria enters through your mouth and some of that can end up in your bloodstream if you listen to health experts. One way to combat the bacteria is to use an antibacterial mouthwash regularly. It is also effective in preventing oral issues like gingivitis, which can lead to infections.

Some antibacterial mouthwashes can even help treat issues like gingivitis and mouth ulcers!


  1. Stay Physical

Physical activity keeps your heart healthy and your body taking in proper oxygen levels. You need about 30 minutes of physical exercise a day to maintain good health. That may mean walking around the block or working out at a gym. Yoga and stretching are good low-impact ways to increase blood circulation and maintain mental focus.

Exercise is great for the body but is also good for the mind. It can help clear your head and relieve stress. That can give your immune system a boost.


  1. Focus on Good Sleep

Sleep is one of those things people think they can do without but they can’t. A lack of sleep will make you feel run down and that will make you vulnerable to sickness and disease. Get at least eight hours a night.

Try to go to bed at the same time every night to set a good bedtime routine. Your body will adjust and you will get the sleep you need.

  1. Stop Bad Habits

There are a plethora of bad habits people can stop that will have an immediate impact on their health and give their immune system a jumpstart. Some of those are stopping drinking alcoholic beverages or at least reducing the amount you drink, stopping all use of tobacco products, and stopping consuming unhealthy junk foods like sodas and sugary foods.

Ending these habits will improve your mind, heart, lungs, and digestion. You could lose weight and feel better too.

  1. Drink Water

Drinking water has been part of healthy people’s lifestyle for a long time but the benefits can’t be touted enough. Hydration improves skin’s looks and texture, helps your blood flow better, improves oral health, and even helps keep you more alert.

Considering that more than 90 percent of the human body is water, it’s smart that you continue to refill it.

  1. Consume More Fermented Foods

Fermented foods help your digestive tract because they have healthy bacteria called probiotics. Fermented foods include things like sauerkraut, yogurt, natto, kimchi, and kefir. You can also create your fermented juices using things like pineapple, cranberry, and orange juice.

These types of bacteria help immune cells separate harmful invading organisms from normal, healthy cells.

  1. Manage Stress

Stress can make you sick, which is one possible reason people tend to get sick around the winter holidays. Stress that goes on for longer than normal creates imbalances in the immune system as well as inflammation. You can manage your stress using simple techniques like breathing exercises, mindfulness, and meditation.

These 10 changes in your home life can make a world of difference in how healthy you remain during sickness seasons. They are all inexpensive to accomplish and easy to do so there is no reason everyone can’t put them into their lives and goals.

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