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Every athlete in contact sports, and even in some other sports, needs a sports guard to protect their mouth and teeth during sports play. These aren’t standard over-the-counter mouth guards but customized sports guards that work much more effectively in protecting teeth.
Sports guards are often not optional in playing sports. Sports rules and even some laws require athletes in certain sports to have a sports guard during play. This is particularly true for contact sports like:
Sports Mouthguards Mississauga ON,

Football or soccer




LaCross or rugby

How to Get a Dentistry

Visiting your dentist is the first step to getting an excellent sports guard. Your dentist will make impressions of teeth and order a customized sports guard that fits perfectly over the front teeth. 

Sports guards can be made to fit over braces too so getting braces shouldn’t affect which teams you are on or the contact sports you play. 

Sports guards are not night guards. They are two different products. Night guards are designed differently to keep people from grinding their teeth.
They cushion the strikes between the upper and lower teeth.  

A sports guard protects teeth from external blows coming at their head. It can also protect the jaw from harsh blows during sports play

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The Cost of a Sports Guard

Most insurance plans cover the cost of a sports guard. The out-of-pocket cost under insurance ranges from $100 to $300, depending on the type you get. Those without insurance will pay between $150 to $350 but could pay more.

Get a Sports Guardfor Summer Sports

Youth who play on summer teams should use a sports guard to protect their mouth and teeth from contact blows. Make an appointment now to get one for your child. 
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