Invisalign Clear Braces


Invisalign clear braces are designed to treat a variety of orthodontic straightening issues, which range from minor tooth movements to complex smile makeovers without the use of metal braces.

Most of us grew up wearing metal braces that looked and felt painful. It’s hard to believe that near-invisible plastic trays can achieve the same teeth straightening. Since it was introduced to the market, Invisalign has revolutionized the world of orthodontics.

Since Invisalign was introduced, orthodontists have found them useful in treating even more issues. Initially, Invisalign was only used for a few issues, but major issues were treated using traditional treatments. Now, Invisalign can be customized using elastics, buttons, movements and attachments, which gives orthodontists even more options. Invisalign can now be used to treat underbites, overbites, malocclusion, and crooked or protruding teeth.

Most patients turn to Invisalign braces to overbites (upper teeth protruding over lower teeth), underbites (lower teeth protruding past upper teeth) and open bite (teeth too unaligned to ensure a proper bite), or dental gaps, crossbites, and overcrowded teeth. These conditions can lead to gum disease, tooth decay and missing teeth.

Invisalign Clear Braces Mississauga

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign Clear Braces

Some people think that Invisalign only works for minor crooked teeth. However, expert orthodontists will tell you that it has the power to correct both minor and even some severe issues such as turned teeth, gaps and crowding, just as metal braces do. It’s important to remember that it is not actually the braces that correct your smile, but the expanders and spacers – or the dreaded headgear!

Traditional braces worked by using a wire to pull or push teeth into the correct alignment, whereas Invisalign uses a series of plastic aligners.

During your initial appointment, your orthodontist will take impressions and x-rays of your mouth to create a 3D image of your teeth. The Invisalign 3D technology will help your orthodontist to map the required movement of your teeth to achieve a straightened smile.

Once the plan has been devised, your orthodontist will custom fit your first set of aligners in your mouth. Every few weeks, you will receive a new set until your treatment is complete.

Since plastic is not as strong as metal, your Invisalign treatment will take a bit longer than traditional braces. However, aligners are much more comfortable and discrete, and they offer a range of other benefits, including:

You can take your aligners out to eat, drink, or brush your teeth.

Since Invisalign braces are nearly invisible, which means that it will not affect your smile or laugh. Many people who wear metal braces may not have the confidence to laugh and smile.

You can’t remove traditional braces, which makes it harder to clean your teeth than with Invisalign. You can remove your Invisalign trays at any time to eat or clean your teeth, it is important to wear them for the majority of the day to achieve the results you desire.

Throughout your Invisalign treatment period, you will wear a series of custom designed clear plastic aligners to shift your teeth into the correct position. Sometimes, the plastic trays may feel uncomfortable or tight. Once your Invisalign treatment is over, you may still have to wear a retainer to stop the teeth from shifting again and to maintain your result.

Your orthodontist will recommend metal braces or Invisalign to solve your dental alignment issues based on your willingness to comply with the maintenance and your own lifestyle. While both Invisalign and metal braces are quite similar in price, Invisalign is infinitely more comfortable, and can be removed to eat and clean your teeth. This benefit outweighs the potential discrepancy in price.

Speak to one of our specialists in the Limelight Dental orthodontics department today to see whether Invisalign or metal braces would be the way to go.


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