Wellness Dentistry (Biocompatibility Testing)

Dental materials used in fillings and crowns are made to last for several years in the typical moist, dark environment of the typical mouth. However, as the case is with different foods, medications and other variables, people tend to react differently to materials. Chances are that standard dental materials will work perfectly for you, however, it may cause a reaction similar to gluten sensitivity. But sometimes, dental material incompatibility can be hard to notice because symptoms may be hidden in the mouth, or onset might be delayed. That’s why wellness dentistry (biocompatibility testing) is sometimes necessary.
At Limelight Dental, your wellness is of utmost concern to our team. That’s why we offer wellness dentistry. Biocompatibility testing involves testing materials in relation to your unique body chemistry.
Wellness Dentistry

How does biocompatibility testing work?

We will provide your physician with a testing kit. Your physician will then draw a blood sample, which will be sent to the laboratory. Skilled lab technicians will test your blood to determine sensitivity to up to 15 000 dental materials, and the results provided to Limelight Dental.

Biocompatibility testing helps us determine which materials are compatible with your DNA so that we can provide you with wellness dentistry that works in harmony with your health.

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