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Many people think the only emergencies are those that send you to a hospital emergency room. However, there are dental emergencies in Mississauga too. This can be a problem because hospital emergency rooms aren’t trained or prepared to handle dental issues. People often sit in pain until they can get to a dentist the next business day.
That doesn’t have to happen. We offer dental emergency care in Mississauga 24/7. All you have to do is call and we’ll meet you to handle your emergency dental need.
Dental Emergency Care in Mississauga, ON

What Is a Dental Emergency?

The general description of a dental emergency Mississauga is a situation where the pain, bleeding, and infection are so great that you can't wait until normal operating hours to have a dentist see you. Dental emergencies Mississauga may include:

Sports injuries to the mouth

Other accidents that damage teeth and mouth

Infections where the mouth or jaw is swollen

Broken, chipped, or missing teeth

Steps to Take in a Dental Emergency

Assess all of your injuries.

This may happen through a sports doctor or a paramedic in an accident. Those with severe tooth pain should take note of when their symptoms started and take their temperature to make sure the infection isn't spreading.

Take initial first-aid steps.

The priority, if you have damage to your mouth is to stop the bleeding with paper towels or napkins. Put ice on the area.

Find your missing tooth or teeth.

This isn't always possible but pick it up and put it somewhere safe to take to the dentist if you can. Sometimes, a dentist can restore it if they have the tooth and the procedure is done quickly.

Call our office for an emergency appointment.

We have after-hours appointments and can meet you.

Get someone to drive you.

Those who are in pain or with a damaged mouth should have someone drive them to their dental emergency Mississauga appointment. You don't know what procedures will happen and the type of medicine given at the dentist's office so it's best to have a driver. Plus, the pain may distract you from driving.

Procedures at a Dental Emergency Appointment

Dental emergency appointments aren’t like routine appointments. The purpose is to primarily treat the pain and let a dentist address the problem during normal working hours.

A dentist will first take X-rays to see the extent of damage or infection. They will do an exam and then offer recommendations for procedures. They will address bleeding and may stitch up a wound. They will likely give you antibiotics and pain relievers.

Someone in the office will then make an appointment or tell you when to come back to address the problem with a procedure.

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