Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures permanently attach to implants in your jawbone, as opposed to resting on top of your gums. Unlike normal dentures, implant supported dentures will never slide around in your mouth or fall out unexpectedly.
The implants are typically placed in the front of your mouth where there is more bone.
This process can take up to five months to complete, and usually requires around two surgeries. During the first surgery, your cosmetic dentist will place implants into your jawbone.
After approximately 3-6 months, the implants will fuse to your jawbone, and a second surgery will be performed to expose the tops of the implants. The doctor will place a collar or healing cap on the head of each head in order to guide the healing process. After approximately two weeks, the caps will be replaced with abutments.
Finally, a metal bar will be placed on the abutments and you will try on your denture framework which contains the artificial teeth.
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