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Dr. Venus Patti

Dr. Venus Patti

Dr. Venus Patti

Associate Dentist

Dr. Patti graduated in the top 20% from New York University, College of Dentistry. Prior to that she completed an Honours Bachelor of Sciences from McMaster University and graduated summa cum laude with Dean’s distinction. While in NYU, Dr. Patti conducted individual research projects which impacted patient care. Her work was showcased at the 2015 Clinical & Educational Scholarship Showcase in New York.

Apart from academics, Dr. Patti is a member of the esteemed NYU Dean’s Torch Club – strictly chosen only through an invitation from the Dean of the College of Dentistry. A leader by example who continuously engages in self improvement, Dr. Patti frequently attends leadership retreats, team building seminars and business success conferences to constantly upgrade her knowledge.

Dr. Patti is a Member of the American Dental Association (ADA), Canadian Dental Association (CDA) and Ontario Dental Association (ODA), licensed to practice in both countries.

Dr. Patti states: “My love for dentistry stems from a desire to build confidence in my patients by giving them a reason to smile. Being able to positively influence their smile gives me personal gratification; while improving their oral and overall health gives me professional satisfaction.”

Apart from general and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Patti is an avid dancer, having studied professional dance at Lori’s Dance Studio for 4 years ranging from styles of Latin, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical and Musical Theatre. She regularly engages in vinyasa yoga and fitness swimming.

Dr. Patti is the Founder & President of the GTA Dental Study Group, in which she created an executive board of dentists. Dr. Patti’s visions for this Dental Society is to provide continuing education lectures so that the periodic upgrading and passing down of knowledge is kept current. Dr. Patti’s focus is to inspire dental health professionals to achieve excellence and provide better integration between the general dentist and dental specialists.

Dr. Patti loves working in a clinic that values hard work, dedication and ambition and hopes her passion for dentistry inspires her patients to want to educate themselves and create generations of healthy, radiant smiles!

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