How Smiling and Laughing Affects Your Teeth (Backed by Science)?

How Smiling and Laughing Affects Your Teeth

There are different reasons why people smile.

While some people smile because they’re happy, some smile as a gesture of appreciation, yet some fake the smile because their jobs require them to smile.

Irrespective of the reason why you smile or laugh, smiling and laughing is important for your overall health.

More so, the quality of your smile or laugh affects your overall mood and how much you would show off your teeth.

That is, how your teeth look will influence how much you would smile or laugh. If you have beautiful teeth that are worth showing off, then you would smile or laugh more.

Hence, nice pearly teeth will give a big boost to your self-confidence and make you smile and laugh more, which holds some great physical and mental benefits.

Foremost, let’s consider why it’s so great to smile and some of the health benefits you stand to enjoy when you smile and laugh:

Smiling and Laughing Improve Mood

Science revealed that smiling and laughing release endorphins (natural feel-good hormones) into the body, which helps you to be more positive and feel happier.

According to a Scientific American study, happy facial expressions like smiling can increase one’s positive thoughts and mood.

So, the next time you feel a little blue, try smiling or laughing to improve your mood and make you feel better!

Smiling and Laughing Relieves Pain

Though you may not believe it, smiling and laughing can relieve your body of some pains. The endorphins released into your body when you smile or laugh acts as a natural painkiller or stress reliever.

Perhaps, you’ve heard that laughter is the best medicine. This statement is true.

A recent research by Mayo Clinic revealed that laughter or smile allows your body to generate its own natural pain reliever.

So, always make sure you smile or laugh always, it’s healthy!

Smiling and Laughing Maintain Normal Blood Pressure

Smiling and Laughing Maintain Normal Blood Pressure

Heart health is very important and science has proven that smiling and laughing more can help to lower your blood pressure.

The College of Family Physicians published an article, which proved that smiling or laughing increases the rates of heartbeat and oxygen consumption by the body.

Deep laughter sends more oxygen-rich nutrients and blood throughout the body. This subsequently relaxes your muscles, decreases heartbeat rate, and lowers blood pressure.

No matter how small, smiling or laughing will help to reduce the risk of developing heart disease – smile and laugh always.

Smiling and Laughing Build a Stronger Immune System

Did you know that smiling or laughing always can help in building a stronger body immune system? Yes, it does!

According to a study by WebMD, smiling and laughing increase infection-fighting antibodies and immune cells in the body.

This helps to boost your body’s immune system as well as your resistance to illnesses.

Smiling and Laughing Help to Better Handle Stress

We all have times of increased stress and anxiety due to pressure from workload, fast-paced lifestyles, relationships, etc.

During these times, we become even more unhappy, tired, and stressed.

The good news is that you can easily overcome or handle this stress by smiling and laughing. Yes, smiling and laughing will activate and relieve your stress response.

Several studies have shown that individuals that were smiling when faced with stressful situations were found to have lower heartbeat rates and able to handle the stress better than those who weren’t smiling.

This shows that smiling or laughing is a powerful yet simple way to remain balanced every day. When we smile and laugh, you’re relieved of pain, fear, stress, and conflict.

Smiling and Laughing Make You More Productive

Did you know that smiling and laughing increase productivity? Maybe you should find out. You may even start with a fake smile.

Even if your workplace does not make you smile or laugh, the more you smile or laugh, the more productive you’ll be.

Laughing and smiling will improve your mood, helping you to better focus on the task at hand.

The more productive you’re, the happier you’ll be, and vice versa.

Smiling and Laughing Is a Form of Exercise

You may not believe this but a good laugh is also a good form of exercise. Smiling and laughing help to burn calories and provide your body with movement.

They also increase toning and conditioning and keep your cardio systems working effectively.

Smiling and Laughing help to Build Better Relationships

Does this shock you? A study by the US National Library of Medicine revealed that those who smile and laugh are usually identified as being more likable, compared to people who don’t smile and laugh.

If you smile or laugh always, you’ll be a likable person, and this will increase your chance of building and maintaining better and beneficial relationships with people.

Smiling and Laughing Make You Have a Younger Appearance

Have you noticed that wrinkles in the face are typical of those who frown always?

While you won’t actually decrease in age, smiling or laughing always would give you the appearance that you look younger than your age.

Research on aging revealed that a group of people with smiling faces appear much younger than those with an angry or neutral expression on their faces.

Let’s put all of these scientific research aside, the best reason why you should always smile and laugh is that they make you feel good.

If it’s important to always strive to do things that make us feel good, then we should begin with smiling and laughing.

Hence, always smile and laugh. You’re only giving yourself a younger appearance.

As you have seen above, smiling and laughter are very beneficial for your mind, body, and overall well-being!

Regardless of your mood, always smile or laugh – even when you have to fake it. It’s healthy for you!

However, as stated above, a healthy smile requires a good looking set of teeth. Yes, it’s always good to flash a smile or spit out a laugh with a perfect set of teeth.

Whenever we smile or laugh, one of the first things that people notice is our set of teeth. A bad set of teeth is one big reason why some people are reluctant to smile.

A bad set of teeth include misaligned teeth, teeth with uneven sizes, stained or discolored teeth, cracked or chipped teeth, teeth with spaces and gaps in-between.

There is no better way to smile than having a healthy and good looking set of teeth.

When you smile with a beautiful set of teeth, you’ll not only feel good but you’ll also feel attractive.

And when you are attractive, your mood will be lifted as well as the mood of those around you.

For instance, when you open those pearly teeth to smile, people around you will smile back at you! It’s a popular saying that a perfect smile comes from the heart.

However, a perfect smile comes from a perfect set of teeth that you can confidently show off to everyone.

A perfect set of teeth consists of even sizes of teeth, pearly white teeth, and a perfect teeth alignment.

Here are basic ways to achieve a perfect set of teeth:

  • Observe good oral hygiene practices, such as brushing and flossing your teeth 2-3 times daily.
  • Visit the dentist regularly (at most every six months) for dental examination cleaning.
  • Consult with your dentist regularly for any necessary dental procedure or options that you may need – cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry.
  • Always adhere to dental health tips suggested by your dentist.

Do you feel reluctant to smile because of your bad set of teeth? Are you wondering how you can fix your dental problems?

Over the years, the Canadian Dental Association has devised modern ways to improve the condition of the teeth of their patients.

Presently, dentists in Canada have resulted in using state-of-the-art technology to improve the dental healthcare needs of their patients.

Here are some ways on how to improve the condition of your bad teeth:

  • Consider teeth whitening for stained, discolored, uneven colored teeth.
  • Consider porcelain dental veneers for cracked or chipped teeth.
  • Consider Invisalign® for misaligned teeth.
  • Undergo dental procedures like dental fillings, crowns, bridges, or implants to restore the appearance, function, and good health to your teeth.
  • In case of complete missing teeth, complete or partial dentures are recommended.
  • Undergo Root Canal Therapy to get rid of bacterial infection and to protect your teeth from future damage.
  • To avoid crowding of infection, consider tooth extraction.
  • Consider periodontal treatment to get rid of tartar and plaque deposits on teeth.


So, it’s very important to always take care of your teeth to achieve that perfect smile and any of the dental procedures or treatments listed above can help you achieve that perfect set of teeth that will give you the confidence to smile and laugh at everyone.

However, if you’re unsure of the type of dental treatment that suits your dental condition, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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