How to Manage Food Traps Between Your Teeth

How to Manage Food Traps Between Your Teeth

Are you tired of food always getting lodged in the same area of your smile? Do you worry that there are immense consequences to the food that’s constantly getting stuck in those spots? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about managing food traps between your teeth.

It takes the right dentist in Mississauga to help you out. Managing food traps is more than just removing food between teeth, it’s about preventing that issue for the rest of your days.

See below for an in-depth guide on how to manage food traps between your teeth and the role that a Mississauga dentist plays in it.

What is a Food Trap?

We all deal with the occasional (and embarrassing) scenario where food gets stuck in your teeth; it’s perfectly normal. However, if you notice that the food is getting stuck in the same area, then there is room for concern.

Those areas are what dentists refer to as “food traps”. As the name would imply, a food trap is an area of your teeth alignment where food is constantly getting stuck.

Sometimes it can be harder to tell when a piece of food is stuck in your teeth, based on the type of food you’ve eaten. For example, you can easily feel meat and popcorn kernels when they’re stuck in your teeth, but a piece of spinach could be trapped for hours without you noticing.

So what causes this common dental phenomenon? There are a few common culprits. The most obvious one would be if you have a space or two in your natural smile. This often happens to those that have never received orthodontic treatment.

Food traps are also quite common with patients who received poor dental treatment. This could be anything from an improper dental filling, dental implant, or crown.

Food traps can also be caused by things like gum disease. Whatever the case might be, it’s important to schedule a checkup with a trusted dentist in Mississauga.

What Are the Health Risks of Food Traps

As you may know, plaque and bacteria build up on your teeth on a daily basis. This is one of the primary reasons that dentists recommend a healthy oral hygiene routine.

When plaque builds up, the bacteria on your teeth have a field day. It works to break down the enamel on your teeth, as well as cause common dental issues like gingivitis and tooth cavities.

This entire process gets heightened with food traps entering the equation. Bacteria move quickly to feed off of higher sources of food, such as the food that’s trapped between your teeth. The bacteria feed off of the food and multiply, resulting in catastrophic damage to your smile.

The good news is that, by brushing and flossing, almost all food traps can be cleaned before any major damage has occurred. However, the more often it happens, the more frequently bacteria is grouping up inside certain areas of your teeth.

Thankfully, there are many different ways that you can go about fixing food traps. Let’s dive into those right now.

How to Manage Food Traps With a Dentist Near Me

Now that you’ve seen the causes and dangers of food traps, let’s take a look at how the right dentist in Mississauga can help you manage/fix them.

Proper Teeth Alignment

As we mentioned earlier, one of the biggest reasons that food traps occur is because of the natural alignment of your teeth. As long as that gap is there, food will find a way to get trapped inside it.

Therefore, the best way to manage food traps is by eliminating the gap/space between your teeth altogether. You’ll lower the chance of things like gingivitis, a harmful gum disease.

Here at Limelight Dental, we specialize in Invisalign treatments. We can help you eliminate any potential for food traps while getting the smile you’ve always wanted in the process! It’s a win-win scenario.

Additions for Oral Hygiene Routine

Even if you’re taking steps to prevent food traps in the future, you’ll still have to battle them from time to time in the short term.

Make sure that you stock up on helpful additions to your oral hygiene routine. Having things such as a proxabrush or Waterpik handy can help you get rid of the food right away; before any detrimental damage occurs.

If food traps are common for you, then you might even consider packing a Proxabrush in your bag/purse while at work. That way, you can get rid of the food debris quickly.

Routine Dental Checkups

If you want to prevent food traps and other common dental issues, then you need to prioritize frequent visits to your Mississauga dentist.

Stats have shown that a third of adults age 65 or under haven’t received a dental exam in the past year. If you’re a part of that statistic, then you’re asking for dental issues to compound.

With routine dental checkups, we’ll be able to help you improve your overall health. We can assess the condition of your teeth and make any adjustments as needed; you’ll gain more peace of mind in the process as well!

Find a Trusted Dentist in Mississauga Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on how to manage food traps between your teeth, be sure to book an appointment with our trusted dentist in Mississauga.

Take the time to read this article for more information on our COVID-19 policies to keep everyone safe during these times. To get started, please be sure to call us directly at 647-372-1651 and we will be happy to assist you further.

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