Office Protocols To Keep Everyone Safe From COVID-19

Regular High Standards of Practice

– for sterilizing & disinfection of instruments and clinical rooms we have always complied (and will continue) to guidelines that follow Universal Precautions recommended by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons & Public Health.

– new protocols were added to prevent the new virus, Covid-19

Limelight Dental Covid-19 protocols

Prevention of Aerosol Spread:

-we have doors/barriers in each of the clinical operatories.

-we have installed plexiglass barriers in the reception area.

-all staff must wear masks at all times while working in the office.

-at breaks we have provided a space where staff can practise social distancing.

-clinical staff must wear recommended masks, clinical gowns, head covers and face shields
-clinical staff must change their PPE after each patient.


-Clinical areas follow strict guidelines from the RCDSO & Public Health.

-Other areas (reception area, washroom etc) are disinfected with hospital grade disinfection wipes regularly; example- door handles, POS machine, counters, pens etc.

-Patients & staff are asked to hand sanitize upon entry into the office.

-Patients must wear a mask at all times in the office (unless having treatment in an enclosed room).

-Staff are asked to wear a mask at all times in the office.

Patient Screening:

Staff Screening:

-Staff are asked to prescreen before coming to work, are asked to stay home if they are sick, and would be asked to take a Covid-19 test before returning to work from being sick or having been exposed to Covid-19 .

-Staff temperatures are taken daily and recorded.

-Patients are screened for Covid-19 symptoms &/or possible exposures before coming into the appointment and before dental treatment is provided.

-This includes taking & recording their temperatures.

Clean Air:

-our HVAC system in the whole office, was tested & certified to be safe to use in clinical setting.
-air exchangers vacuum air- possibly containing bacteria/viruses and cleans the air of these particles, then it blows out the clean air.

-our exchangers are used in hospital settings, it allows us to work safely in our clinic rooms.

-although it is not necessary, we also added air exchangers in our non-clinical rooms (reception area) for good measure).

Social Distancing:

-social distancing of our patients and anyone coming into the office is enforced.

-we control the amount of people that are in our waiting areas.

-we also control the amount of people in the office at one time (including staff).

-floor decals help show how far 6 feet is.

-decreased amount of chairs are kept in the reception area.

-we use a virtual waiting room software, which allows our patients to stay in their car and wait for their appointment instead of physically waiting in our reception area.

Prepared Team:

Our team have always been diligent when it comes to our patient’s safety and comfort during their dental treatment. They were given additional training on the additional new protocols recommended by the RCDSO, Public Health, CDC & WHO.


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